Wine, according to us

We produce high-quality wines exclusively from the grapes that grow on our 19 hectares of vineyards spread across Western Liguria.
For us, wine represents the land and its biodiversity: exposure to sunlight, terroir, geographic features, etc. Our goal is to highlight and share these aspects in each of our wines.
Native vines

We only cultivate vines native to Liguria: Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese, Grenache, Ormeasco di Pornassio, and the less well-known but equally appreciated, Lumassina.

Strict rules

In order to protect the authenticity of our wines, both in the winery and the vineyards we strictly follow natural processes.

Limited production

Our dedication to our land and our desire to pay homage to its biodiversity has driven our choice to limit our production to a maximum of 150,000 bottles.


Andalora - Praié - Sparkling wine - Martinotti method


Andarosa - Praié - Rosé Martinotti Method Spumante


Ancestrale rosé - Guglierame - vino rosato frizzante metodo ancestrale


Zefiro - Praié - Sparkling Lumassina I.G.T. Savonesi Hills


Vignamare - Lupi - Pigato D.O.C. 2021


Cervoclassico - Vignamare - Lupi - Extra Brut Classic Method Spumante



Il Canneto - Praié Pigato D.O.C. - Western Ligurian Riviera


Don Lisander - Praié Vermentino D.O.C. - Western Ligurian Riviera


Vermentino - Lupi - Western Liguria Riviera D.O.C.


Pigato - Lupi - Western Liguria Riviera D.O.C.


Serre - Lupi - Vermentino - Western Liguria Riviera DOC


Petraie - Lupi - Western Liguria Riviera DOC Pigato



Ros'é - Praié


Ormeasco di Pornassio Sciac-trà - Guglierame - Ormeasco di Pornassio D.O.C.


Braje Sciac-trà - Lupi - Ormeasco di Pornassio D.O.C.



Stundaio - Praié - Rossese D.O.C. Riviera Ligure di Ponente


Rossese territoriale - Lupi - Western Liguria Riviera D.O.C.


Sciurbí - Praié - Granaccia Western Ligurian Riviera D.O.C.


Braje Superiore - Lupi - Ormeasco di Pornassio D.O.C.


CervoRosso - Vignamare - Lupi - Red wine