PEQ Agri Organic Farm

In San Bartolomeo, in the hinterland of Andora
Siamo chiusi, riapriremo con la bella stagione.
Do the shopping like a farmer

Fill a crate with freshly gathered, organic eggs and delicious vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, Trombetta courgettes, potatoes, cucumbers and much more.

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DIY organic produce crates for sale

Our shop in San Bartolomeo is closing for the winter.
You can book your crate of mixed seasonal produce
and pick it up at the Colla Micheri shop.

Authenticity, abundance and biodiversity

are the key ingredients of our ethical farming and husbandry methods. We raise chickens and grow vegetables and wild herbs in our fields, respecting nature and seasonal changes.

Organic vegetables

We respect seasonality and place the health of the soil and of those who eat our produce at the centre of our work by using organic cultivation techniques.

Organic farming

We drastically limit the use of chemical pesticides to bring healthy, natural products to your table!