PEQ Agri Organic Farm

In San Bartolomeo, in the hinterland of Andora
PEQ Agri is a farm with 150 hectares.

We grow Slow Food Presidia

We are the only producer in Western Liguria to have TWO Slow Food presidia.

We grow Albenga Violet Asparagus and Andora Belendina Onions, vegetables typical of the area since ancient times and safeguarded by Slow Food.

Presidia are Slow Food projects that protect small, high-quality products made according to traditional practices.


Native vines

We grow mainly native Ligurian vines: Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese, Grenache, Ormeasco di Pornassio, which are all Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC, and Lumassina.

Our concept of wine

For us, wine represents the land and its biodiversity: terroir, exposure to sunlight, geographic features, etc. We strive to value each of these characteristics, which are highlighted in all of our wines.

Oil production

Olive groves

We’ve purified the water, restored traditional dry-stone walls and reclaimed old olive groves that had been abandoned for years.


Our extra virgin olive oil comes from entirely hand-picked Taggiasca olives and made by cold pressing them.

Our goats

We take great care of our goats who live happily outdoors and free in environments suitable for them.

You can taste the delicious cheese we produce in our restaurants.


We breed bees and produce excellent honey that we serve for tasting to our guests.

Authenticity, abundance and biodiversity

are the key ingredients of our ethical farming and husbandry methods. We raise chickens and grow vegetables and wild herbs in our fields, respecting nature and seasonal changes.

Natural vegetables

We respect seasonality and place the health of the soil and of those who eat our produce at the centre of our work by using natural cultivation techniques.

Organic farming

We drastically limit the use of chemical pesticides to bring healthy, natural products to your table!