PEQ Agri Resort di Tovo Agrifarm's Restaurant

🐣🌳 Easter and Easter Monday at Ristorante PEQ AGRI! 🌳🐣     



Celebrate Easter with us for a joyful weekend of fabulous food! 🥂🍴   
From our special lunch on March 31st to our casual picnic on April 1st, we’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable Easter weekend.     
Here’s what’s in store for you:
Easter Lunch - 31 March 2024:  
🥂 Glass of Lumassina and a Warm Welcome from the Kitchen      
🥗 Large PEQ Agri Mixed Appetizer      
🍝 Pumpkin Ravioli with Aromatic Beef Stock and Sage Sauce     
🍝 Home-made Tagliatelle with Leeks, Anchovies and Hazelnuts   
🍖 Lamb Fricassee with Fresh Artichokes from our Garden
🍰 Triple Dessert      
Coffee and Mini Pastries     
Easter Monday Picnic - 1 April 2024:   
🧺 Picnic basket with our Home-made Sweet and Savoury Delicacies + Pasta Dish  
💧 Bottled Water       
🍾 A Bottle of Wine per Couple (Andalora, Rosé or Rossese)     
Book now and give yourself the gift of a joyous, delicious Easter weekend! 🌷🍾