I ♥️ Agri, a declaration of love for the Earth

A bit about us and our project...
PEQ Agri is a farm in western Liguria whose mission is to value the land.

In our philosophy, valuing the land means

  • Begin cultivating stretches of land that have lain fallow for dozens of years.
  • Dedicate our efforts to farming and processing artisanal products in such a way as to respect the land and the environment.
  • Create permanent jobs in and out of the agricultural sector.
  • Support the local community and promote sociability, deseasonalisation and the richness of the hinterland.
  • Operate ethically with regards to regulations, people and the environment.
PEQ Agri aims to be a model innovative farm

Our model is based on the value derived from our produce, land, individual capabilities, knowledge and traditions, and we share that value right where it originates, in the land and rural communities.

Let’s promote the virtuous cycle!

Product sales, catering, accommodations, educational and recreational farming activities, and the I LOVE AGRI project are all tools that enable us to share what we do and allow our customers not only to enjoy genuine and authentic experiences, but also to support our project and be part of a larger virtuous movement.

By supporting the I LOVE AGRI project, you’re supporting a new development model that includes:

      • Investing even more in renewable energy and eco-sustainable equipment to protect the environment and our health.
      • Supporting over 70 families and giving many young people from Western Liguria well-paid, stable, dignified work close to home, doing something they love that’s part of their families’ traditions.
      • Reclaiming dozens of abandoned plots of farmland.

      Over the last year we’ve cultivated 23 hectares of vineyards, 15 of olive groves and 3 of vegetable gardens and orchards.


      Keep on supporting us!

      We thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

      WE ♥️ AGRI!