Guglierame wines

The winery was founded in 1860 by Eredi Ing. Guglierame and handed down from generation to generation until it came to brothers Raffaele and Agostino in 2021.
Ormeasco di Pornassio D.O.C.

The Ormeasco grape variety has obtained recognition as a true D.O.C. with the designation Ormeasco di Pornassio; ruby red in colour with red vinification, or coral pink (Ormeasco sciac-trà) with white vinification.

The unique land of Pornassio

The special characteristics of the land and its favourable exposure to the sun's rays, together with our organic cultivation process and the craftsmanship of our wine-making process, ensure that the grapes we grow can be transformed into an excellent wine.

Ormeasco di Pornassio - Guglierame - D.O.C.


Ormeasco di Pornassio Sciac-trà - Guglierame - Ormeasco di Pornassio D.O.C.


Ancestrale rosé - Guglierame - Sparkling rosé wine ancestral method


The winery was founded in 1860

By the Guglierame family and handed, from generation to generation, until 2011, to Raffaele and Agostino Guglierame.
Exclusive production

As early as 1860, the company exclusively produced Ormeasco wine. The Ormeasco vine has noble origins: it was the wine of the Marquises of Clavesana. Cultivation was introduced in 1299 with the Statuto del Gestores Universitatis Pornaxi, drawn up at the time by the notary Gandalini.

An ancient vocation

The Guglierame vineyards are among the most suitable locations for such cultivation, as they are located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 550 m. They are originally from the ancient estates of the Scarella Marquisate, of whom the Guglierame family are descendants.

PEQ Agri’s Acquisition

With the addition of the Guglierame vineyards, PEQ Agri is now one of the most important producers in the area of the Ormeasco di Pornassio grape variety and our goal remains to enhance its expressive power.

Confraternity of Ormeasco

After a 20-year standstill, on 11 November 2021, St. Martin's Day, our company's passion for this wine led to the reinstatement of 'La Confraternita dell'Ormeasco', whose aim is to promote and disseminate this prestigious DOC.