Vignamare Restaurant Menu

October 2022


Canapè (1,3,4,5,6,7,8)
Welcome Dish (7)
Ventresca Tuna Belly and Prosciutto (4,6,7)
Pork shank (10)
Eggs and truffles (1,3,7)
Turnip greens, Garlic and Chilli (1,7)
White Polenta (1,3,7)
Spicy squid Alla Diavola (8,13,14)
Finish with...
Tiramisu (1,3,7)
Coffee, bitters and pastries (1,3,7,8)
Alternatively, 4 dishes of your choice €90
For gourmands...

€ 30 each
Stringhettoni pasta with anchovy butter (1,4,7)
Goat and beans (7,13)
Ligurian escargots (7,8,9)
Peq Agri Chesse platter (3) €20

(The numbers beside the dishes indicate the corresponding reference number in the Allergen Table) 

5 glasses of wine €60 - 9 glasses of "Super Ligurian" €100

Vignamare Tasting

Creativity, continuous research and excellent raw materials are Vignamare Restaurant's fundamental ingredients. ​

Let yourself be tempted by the Vignamare Tasting Menu (from € 90.00 to €120.00 per person), designed by chef Giorgio Servetto to showcase the history and seasonal bounty of our land. 

The menu frequently changes to offer you the freshest local seafood and the best seasonal produce from our fields!

Table of Allergens

1 CEREALS containing gluten, such as wheat, rye, barley oats, spelt, kamut (Khorasan wheat) and their derived strains and products
2 CRUSTACEANS and products containing them
3 EGGS and products containing them
4 FISH and products containing them
5 PEANUTS and products containing them
6 SOYBEANS and products containing them
7 MILK and dairy products (products containing lactose)
8 NUTS, such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios and products containing them
9 CELERY and products containing it
10 MUSTARD and products containing it
11 SESAME SEEDS and products containing them
12 SULPHUR DIOXIDE AND SULPHITES in concentrations exceeding 10 mg/Kg or 10 mg/litre in terms of total sulphur dioxide
13 LUPIN BEANS and products containing them
14 MOLLUSCS and products containing them