About us

PEQ Agri was created from the need to get back in touch with the earth and (re)discover nature.
Our mission is to honour the land and everything it gives us, to protect it and all its bounty. 
Like the farms of old, we produce a little bit of everything and seek ways to protect the environment. We use lots of passion when working our vineyards and gardens, and traditional recipes when preparing our dishes. We believe these values, which are ever harder to find in the chaos of modern life, still have a place in this world. 
We are dedicated to sharing those values with our guests and visitors, and to achieving ever greater balance and sustainability in years to come.
Peq Agri operates in the farming, viticulture and hospitality sectors.
Our properties are spread across various areas of the Western Ligurian Riviera, including Andora and the surrounding inland area, Tovo San Giacomo, Cervo and Imperia. 
Everything we produce respects local biodiversity by taking into consideration the local terrain and micro-climate.

Agriculture and derived products


We grow organic vegetables at our Testico, San Bartolomeo and Tovo San Giacomo (SV) locations, using methods that fully respect the environment. The products derived from our harvest are prepared in our Multi-purpose ‘Laboratory’ in Testico to create preserves, honey and cheeses, which we serve to guests both staying at our resort and visiting for a fun day of tastings. Our products can be purchased directly from our sales points.



Our extra virgin olive oil comes from entirely hand-picked olives, which are harvested from the trees growing along the once abandoned ancient stone walls lining our now flourishing property.  The oil is made exclusively by cold pressing our Taggiasca olives.  



We produce only high quality wines on our 15 hectares of Western Ligurian vineyards. Our Cascina Praié and Lupi brands are expressions of excellence, quality and our passion for observing traditional Ligurian viticulture. Purchase our wines here  

Stay at Peq Agri

Our guests are welcome to visit our various locations spread across the Western Ligurian Riviera. We have something for everyone! 
You can choose to stay at PEQ Agri Resort in Tovo San Giacomo, an oasis of peace and tranquillity immersed in nature. Or, you can spend your holidays by the sea, in Andora.

Please note! Peq AgriResort in Tovo San Giacomo is currently closed because of undergoing expansion works! All other accomodation offers are open and available.

When you’re with us, your only task is to relax! Let us help you plan your free time. We offer tastings of our wines with a wide range of fun activities (boat trips, guided tours of our vineyards, farm and mill visits, sport, outdoor excursions and much more)!
Discover everything PEQ Agri’s network has to offer during your stay in Liguria!  

Build your PeqAgri Experience package!

Contact us for more information at info@peqagri.it and book your tailor-made holiday with us!