We produce only high quality wines on our 15 hectares of Western Ligurian vineyards.

Our Cascina Praié and Lupi brands are expressions of excellence, quality and our passion for observing traditional Ligurian viticulture.

Cascina Praié

Cascina Praié is a young, innovative company that makes healthy, natural wines inspired by traditional and modern wine-making techniques. Our vineyards and viticulture practices fully respect and protect the environment. 
Our wines appeal to a young crowd with a modern, sophisticated palate. Working with various Ponente Ligure DOC wines, Cascina Praié’s vines express their particular characteristics to the fullest.  Discover Cascina Praié wines
Cascina Praié produces high-quality wines in the north of Italy in one of the most beautiful zones of Liguria’s Western Riviera, which enjoys a mild, favourable micro-climate and gentle sea breezes. 
The winery is in Colla Micheri on the hills above Andora and Laigueglia. Thanks to its unique position and spectacular sea view, the winery offers an unforgettable Mediterranean setting in which to taste our delicious wines 
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Lupi winery

Lupi was one of the first Ligurian wineries to receive the DOC label and is a Ligurian wine par excellence. It’s an elegant, high-quality wine that embodies the region’s traditions and culture. 
Our Lupi wines appeal to traditionalist clientele with a developed palate. Perfect for celebrations, special events and important dinners, Lupi wines are a symbol of quality. Discover Lupi wines.
Our vineyards
Our vineyards are located on 15 hectares of land spread across various parts of the Western Ligurian Riviera, from Albenga to inland Imperia. Our philosophy is to protect the biodiversity of each area in order to get the most from our wines, expressions of the richness of our land.

Our Cervo vineyard

Our Colla Micheri vineyard

Heroic Viticulture: nature and passion

The characteristics of the terrain and its steep slopes call for challenging manual labour both for cultivation and harvesting, when we fill slatted crates with around 18 kg of grapes each. Due to the steep slopes and narrow paths, the crates often have to be carried by hand to the head of the rows to be taken to the winery for vinification.
We care for our vineyards without using pesticides or other chemicals. We only use Integrated Pest Management and organic farming techniques to protect the environment and the quality of our wines.