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Senior European Championship

Andora 10 - 17 March 2023

A special 10% discount

For lunches, dinners and wine tastings at
Terrazza Praié and Ristorante Vignamare.

The 10% discount applies to purchases of Lupi, Praié and Guglierame winesand typical PEQ Agri products too.
Ristorante Vignamare

The new Vignamare restaurant, which bears the name of the exquisite wine made by Lupi Winery, is the product of a unique, innovative integration of architecture and nature.

Prenota ora
Chef Giorgio Servetto

An indisputable figure in the world of Italian haute-cuisine, has always striven to promote Liguria’s gastronomic traditions by preparing authentic local dishes with passion and creativity.

Gastronomia sostenibile

Vignamare Restaurant’s aim is to prove that haute-cuisine can be created with local seasonal ingredients to get an authentic enogastronomic experience.

Terrazza Praié

With an enchanting sea-view is the ideal setting for tastings, dinners, lunches and brunches designed to make a tribute to conviviality and to our land.

Prenota ora

Marvel at the breath-taking views of the Andora valley from our terrace.

Sip our delicious Praié, Lupi and Guglierame wines paired with tasty specialities.

Ligurian wines and vineyards

We produce only high quality wines from the grapes we cultivate on our 19 hectares of vineyards across the Western Ligurian Riviera.

The wineries

Our Praié, Lupi and Guglierame wineries are symbols of high-quality and traditional Ligurian viticulture.